More Than Three Babies Born for Every New Home Built in the Past Five Years in Charnwood

More than three babies have been born for every new home that has been built in Charnwood since 2012deepening the Loughborough housing shortage. 

This discovery is an important foundation for my concerns about the future of the Loughborough property market especially when you consider the battle that todays twenty and thirty somethings face in order to buy their first home and get on the Loughborough property ladder. This is particularly ironic as these Loughborough youngsters’ are being born in an age when the number of new babies born to new homes was far lower. 

This will mean the babies being born now, who will become the next generation’s first-time buyers, will come up against even bigger competition from a greater number of their peers unless we move to long term fixes to the housing market, instead of the short term fixes that successive Governments have done since the 1980’s. 

Looking at the most up to date data for the area covered by Charnwood Council, the numbers of properties built versus the number of babies born, together with the corresponding ratio of the two metrics …