3 bed terraced house for sale in Loughborough - good potential buy

Whilst looking through some properties on the market I came across this 3 bed terraced house on Lower Cambridge Street in Loughborough. It is on with Nicholas Bonfiled for £125k and could be a good buy-to-let opportunity for anyone looking to invest at the moment.

You should expect to achieve rental income between £550-£600 depending on condition which would give you a gross yield of 5.3% - 5.8%

Looking at the photos, there is an addition opportunity to carry out some upgrading and therefore add value to the property so the opportunities here are two fold.


If you are interested in talking about this or other potential investments or would like a second opinion on any other properties you have seen, please feel free to call me on 01509 260777 or email me james.loughborough@belvoir.co.uk