8.2% yield in Loughborough anyone??

This is a 5 bed semi-detached house in Loughborough for sale with Nicholas Humphreys for £270k. It has been on the market since last November so there could be the potential for a deal here too. However, even if you bought at the asking price, with the tenants in situ already generating an income of £22100, this means a gross yield of 8.2% - which I am sure you will agree is excellent.

There are a few things to take into account though before you get your cheque book out. This is a student let and you would need to check the current contracts and whether there were any tenants lined up for the next academic year. The other thing to consider is that there is likely to be a level of decorating needed after a student let and finally the income does include bills for the students - so you would need to deduct this off the income really to get a true indication of yield.

The property apparently has Article 4 status which is valuable these days and I think this would be well worth a look.


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