3 bed terraced house for sale in Loughborough - let until Jan 2018

This traditional 3 bed terraced house is for sale with Nicholas Humphreys for £140k and has tenants in situ until January 2018 at a level giving you a gross yield of over 5%

This would give you an income from day 1 and would be a good investment as these properties are always popular. However it would be important to check on the Article 4 consent status because properties in this area need licences via planning permission and this is often unlikely to be given. The situation with the tenants in situ may be allowed if before the legislation but this would need checking and would affect the potential you could re-let it for once this tenancy ends - you should take this into account when negotiating the asking price! Could be worth a look still though!


If you are interested in talking about this or other potential investments or would like a second opinion on any other properties you have seen, please feel free to call me on 01509 260777 or email me james.loughborough@belvoir.co.uk