High yield student property in Loughborough for sale

This student property is listed with Martin and Co at the moment for £150k and is on Hermitage Road in Loughborough. There is not much information on the advert but I would suggest contacting the agent asap with this one because the return is potentially excellent.

It does not talk about rental income on the advert but it does say it is already let for the next academic year so you would have income from day one. Based on a conservative estimate of the rent they have achieved - say £75 per person per week excluding bills, the income for this property for the year would be approximately £15.5k which would give you a gross yield of over 10%. I know some people do not like student properties but some people do and as part of a portfolio I think this would make an excellent addition.


If you would like to talk further about this or would like a second opinion on any other investment property then please do not hesitate to get in touch.