4 bed detached in Loughborough with tenants and great yield!

This is an unusual opportunity for the investor who wants a larger property that will grow in capital and will even generate a high yield - usually you have to settle for one or the other but this will give you both if you have the money to invest!

It is a 4 bed detached in a very popular area of Loughborough and is on the market with Haart at the moment for around £250k. The good thing about this if you are looking as an investor rather than an owner occupier, is that there are tenants in situ until early 2018 according to the details and generating income of £1350 a month. So over the year this equates to £16200 and would give you a gross yield of 6.5% - an excellent return for any property and most unusual for this kind.

If you have this sort of money to invest then I would certainly investigate further!


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